About me

I am a physicist/engineer currently working at Seagate Technology on research and development of heat-assisted magnetic recording.

Before that I worked at St Pölten University of Applied Sciences, mainly on projects developing rare-earth-free and rare-earth-reduced permanent magnets.

My main competencies include magnetic materials simulation (e.g. soft, hard and composite magnetic materials) and device simulation (transducer development). I use Python a lot in my work, for simulation, post-processing, statistical analysis, plotting and visualization. I have lots of experience of micromagnetic modelling and other types of FEM modelling using multi-physics such as COMSOL and ANSYS. I am used to working with high performance computing (HPC) on Linux.

I really love visualization and visual thinking. I even lectured on this topic for a while during my academic career.

The opinions expressed on my blog, twitter feeds, researchgate profile and elsewhere on the bancey.com domain websites are my own and, unless otherwise stated, are not shared by my employer(s) or anyone else.