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Accidental spam from Mega.nz to *ALL* of my contacts

This week I decided to check out the new Mega.nz website, the newer version of Mega.co.nz the cloud storage that purports to be built from the ground up for maximum security, that will include a chat feature.

MEGA logo

Here is something that left me feeling quite embarrassed, angry and apologetic; on importing my Gmail contacts (to check if they are already using the service) Mega.nz proceeded to email every contact in my address book an invitation to join the service, something that I am sure I was not warned about! This included friends, people I knew more than ten years ago, companies I have dealt with recently and in the past and so on. This is a very ill-thought action.

I have written some feedback to the service and hope that they will stop this happening in future, and I would like to apologize to anyone who received such spam in my name.

Firefox search bar – setting the region for Google searches

The problem

If you are visiting/living abroad but still want the Firefox search bar to default to your home version of Google, it is possible to fix it! In the following solution I assume that you are from the UK and want to use the UK/GB version of Google Search:

The solution

  1. Access the Firefox settings: type “about:config” in the address bar, then click “I’ll be careful, I promise”.
  2. For each setting you want to modify, use the search bar to find it more quickly.
    1. Set both “browser.search.countryCode” and “browser.search.region” to “GB” by double-clicking it and typing the new value.
    2. Make sure “browser.search.isUS” is set to False.
    3. For both “distribution.searchplugins.defaultLocale” and “general.useragent.locale” use “en-GB”.
  3. Restart Firefox.
  4. Visit http://www.google.com/ncr, to activate a “no country redirect” cookie that stops the browser from looking for country-specific search results.

Searching from the search bar should now give results at Google.com, but notice that at the very end of the search results URL there is a flag for UK regional content.